God in All Things


Teaching the Whole Child in a Christ-Centered Learning Environment

St. John’s Area School believes that children are a gift from God, and what they learn in school will greatly affect how they will live when they are older. Here, we affirm that God created all things. We strive to provide a warm, compassionate environment in which students can learn and grow academically and in their Catholic faith.

Our Mission:

As a Catholic school, we are dedicated to helping the whole child see God in all things. Guiding students through successes and challenges, we prepare them to live in and contribute to our changing world.

Root Beliefs

  • See God in all things
  • We Are Always Learning
  • Serve others

Core Values

  • Respect and Serve

Upcoming Events:

  • Nov 24, 25:  No School, Thanksgiving
  • Nov 27: Advent Begins
  • Nov 28-Dec 2: Cookie Bake Week
  • Dec 2:  SJAS in session – Parents Transport
  • Dec 3: Cookie Pick-up, 9am-Noon
  • Dec 6:  Feast of St Nicholas
  • Dec 7: Reconciliation Service Grs. 3-6
  • Dec 8: Immaculate Conception
  • Dec 11:  4th Grade TV Mass Airs
  • Dec 20: SJAS Christmas Program
  • Dec 23: Christmas Vacation Begins

Our Vision:

St. John’s Area School welcomes all children into our Christ-centered learning environment. We strive to promote an excellent education and instill in our students the courage to imagine their bright futures. We build on the children’s varied backgrounds and challenge them to achieve success morally as well as academically. Together, in a safe and loving environment, we share experiences that will foster well-formed individuals and life-long learners who live and model their Catholic faith. Students are encouraged to use their God-given gifts to serve and positively impact the lives of others. We support students in their spiritual growth in order to prepare the next generation of Catholic leaders.