St. John’s Area School Academics

Mathematics: St. John’s Area School uses the Hardcourt Mathematics Curriculum in grades K-6 which centers on building number sense, strategic mathematical thinking processes, computation, problem solving, and discussion. Our math curriculum is aligned with the MN State Standards and enables our students to explore, develop, test, discuss, justify, and apply mathematical ideas and thinking.

SJAS teaches children the love of reading! It is easily one of the most important jobs of a school. We use Super Kids reading program in Pre-K – grade 2, Scott Foresman Reading in grade 3, and novel units in grades 3-6. Reading skills are infused into all parts of our day, focusing on phonics, phonemic awareness, fluency, and comprehension skills. Students work on writing to communicate their ideas, constructing sentences, paragraphs, and essays, in addition to handwriting, spelling and cursive. All of these skills are aligned with the MN State Standards and supported through read to self-activities and a wide variety of text. Further, we support a love for reading through classroom Accelerated Reading goals, school-wide activities during “I Love to Read Month”, and continually purchasing and updating our library with new books.

The Seeds program is used in Pre-Kindergarten and the Sadlier, We Believe text book is used in grades K-6. Our root beliefs to See God in All Things, We are always learning and to Serve Others are evident in our school culture and is part of our mission that guides us in our daily activities. Students learn and are encouraged to explore and develop a deep faith in God lived out in their actions, and participate in school-wide service projects that help cultivate a sense of love of neighbor.

Social Studies:
Our students in grades K-6 experience the McGraw Hill social studies program and the Nystrom Atlas which are aligned with the MN State Standards. Students in grades K-6 participate in annual field trips to support and enhance lessons in the social studies curriculum.

Science, like math and reading, is an integral part of our curriculum. Aligned with the MN State Standards, our teachers create hands on experiences that deliver concepts and encourage students to develop their thinking through the scientific method designed around problem solving. Students also have many opportunities to work cooperatively in small project based learning groups. Each year, our students in grade 6 experience a three day trip to Audubon Environmental Camp in Sandstone, MN.

Students at St. John’s Area School have the opportunity to grow in four specialized areas:

Physical Education:
Phy-ed helps to develop the confidence and enjoyment of a lifetime of healthful physical activity in accordance with the MN K-12 Academic Standards for Physical Education. All students in Pre-K through grade 6 participate in Phy-ed classes.

Students in grades K-6 explore various types of eras, music making, and songs. All students in grades Pre-K through grade 6 are involved and participate in the annual Christmas Program.

Students in K-6 learn keyboarding skills, online safety, create videos, slide shows, find resources and information for research, as well as work on various classroom projects.

 Students in grade 6 travel to the Foley Public School and participate in band or choir twice a week with the public school students. SJAS and Foley Public School students perform concerts together in December and May.