Frequently Asked Questions


How long has SJAS been educating students?

Our doors opened in 1963, and we have had over 8,000 graduates.

How many students attend SJAS?

There are approximately 100 students at SJAS from Pre-K – 6th Grade. The pupil-to-staff ratio is approximately 14:1 and the staff-to-pupil ratio approximately 7:1.

What are the school hours?

School hours are from 8:00am to 2:45pm.
Students may arrive as early as 7:30am and are directed to wait in the gym with their peers where they are supervised until the morning bell. After school, Homework Helper is available at SJAS Monday-Thursday until 3:30, if arranged and agreed upon by both the parent and the student’s teacher.  The parent is responsible for picking up their child at SJAS.

After-school care for students in grades K – 6 is provided through the public school’s Falcon Kids Care (968-8619) or TLC Child Care – Foley Falcon University (968-9914). All arrangements for after-school care should be coordinated directly with Falcon Kids Care or Foley Falcon University (FFU). Pre-K follows the same regular school hours. Parents or guardians must pick up their Pre-K students at 11:30am (morning program) or at 2:45pm (afternoon program) in their classroom unless the child is taking the bus with an older student.

What Parishes support SJAS?

SJAS is an incorporated Catholic school supported by 7 area parishes: St. John’s in Foley, Sts. Peter & Paul in Gilman, St. Patrick’s in Minden Township, St. Elizabeth in Brennyville, St. Lawrence, Duelm, St. Louis in Foreston, and St. Joseph in Morrill.

Do I have to belong to one of the above 7 parishes to receive parishioner tuition rates?

Yes. However, if you are not, the school is very willing to work with each family individually to tailor a tuition amount that is fair for the family budget and yet still meets the school’s needs. The Pre-K program is not a parish subsidized program and as such, does not reflect the parishioner tuition rates.

My child is not Catholic. Can my child still attend SJAS?

Yes. We welcome families of all faiths. Families of different denominations have chosen the quality of education delivered at SJAS. All students, regardless of religious affiliation, participate in weekly Masses, religion classes, traditions and practices of the Catholic faith.

My child needs academic or emotional support. What services are available for my child?

Special education services, speech, Title I, and other services are provided to SJAS students by ISD #51 staff and facilities. Some assessment services are available within our school to determine reading ability and reading needs. Barton trained reading tutors at SJAS are available during school hours at no additional cost.

Is busing available?

Yes. Busing is available for K – 6 students who live within the Foley Public School boundaries. K – 6 students may also be bused to childcare facilities within the Foley Public School boundaries. Pre-K students are not eligible for busing (according to public school district policy) UNLESS they are picked up or dropped off at a regular designated bus stop and are traveling with a K – 6 student.

Is there a fundraising requirement for students?

Yes, we ask each family to help with fundraising. Our fundraising dollars are generated through 4 annual events: Walk-a-thon, Cookie Bake, Catholic Schools Raffle, and Spring Breakfast with Silent Auction. We ask all students and families to participate in these efforts by raising money to help support our school.

Is there a yearly volunteer requirement?

Yes, we ask families to volunteer for a minimum of 8 hours or more throughout the school year. There are many volunteer opportunities for families to complete the required hours. Families can opt-out of the volunteer requirement for an additional fee.  Volunteer Opportunities