St. John’s Area School Tuition

Cost of Education for students in grades K-6

  • 2022-2023 parish subsidized tuition for each child is $2,400 annually or $266.67 per month (over a nine-month period).
  • Each participating parish subsidizes $2,700 per child. If you are not a member of a supporting Parish, there are a number of opportunities to subsidize the tuition for your family.
  • The total cost of education at SJAS is about $6,100 per year, per child and is met by your family’s tuition, parish subsidies, donations, and fundraisers.
  •  Please contact us directly for more information and to answer any questions you may have.

Tuition Kindergarten – Grade 6

Kindergarten-6th Grade:

First Child: $2,400 tuition and $2,700 parish subsidy.

Second Child: $2,300 tuition and $2,700 parish subsidy.

Third Child: $2,050 tuition and $2,700 parish subsidy.

Fourth Child: Free tuition, $2,700 parish subsidy.

Other ways to help financially…

Assist and participate in school fundraisers: Walk-a-thon, Cookie Bake, Catholic School Raffle, Spring Breakfast & Silent Auction, and Faith Family Fun (Home & School) Activities.

If you belong to a KC, Lions, Christian Women, or any other group that might be willing to support us, please ask them to keep us in mind, and thank them for their support.

Collect & turn in Tyson Project A+, Coca-Cola products, Loaves for Learning UPC’s. (Check our office for a complete list of products).

Please consider…

Our school has long prided itself on low tuition and opening our doors to all income brackets. We’d like you to consider your family’s financial situation and be open to contributing over and above the “normal” tuition rate if you are in a financial position to do so. Your generosity assists other families whose children will benefit from a Catholic Education at St. John’s Area School.

Pre-Kindergarten Tuition:

Morning Pre-K: $2,100

Morning Pre-K and Afternoon Multi-Age Program: $2,200

Lunch half year: Not yet determined, please call office.

Lunch full year: Not yet determined, please call office.

Milk only: Not yet determined, please call office.